Deleted (Dropped) Domains

Deleted Domains

Everyday, between 2pm and 5pm Eastern, 1000’s of domains are deleted (dropped) from the registry. Most aren’t too great, but if you take the time to look, we’re sure you’ll spot a gem or two. We recommend using a tool such as to sift through them:

Let’s say you need a domain name for your plumbing business.. Start off by clicking “Deleted Domains”.

Next click “Show Filter” and look for the “Domain Name Allowlist” box and enter “plumber” (or whatever) into the “contains” field. You might also want to check “no Numbers” and “no Hyphens” in the “Domain Name Settings” box. You can also click over to the “Additional” tab and select your preferred TLDs such as .com or .net. Last but not least you should check the “only available Domains” box in “Listing Settings”. Filters

Now hit “Apply Filter”. Filtering by .com & .net brings up 3 pages of results. By default you’ll see results from the past 7 days but you can adjust these settings if you want (you can go back years).

And that’s about it. Of course there are other settings to tweak results even further but we’ve just given you a basic rundown.

The downside of dropped domains is they don’t technically have the age of a regular or expired domain (and probably won’t be indexed in the major search engines). But they’re still great value for money.

We suggest using Dynadot to register your domains because they have some of the cheapest registration and renewal prices around (and they frequently run promos which can increase your savings even further). Also, whois privacy is free by default, which is a nice bonus.