Dropping Domains

Dropping Domains

After a domain name expires, the next stage of its life is “pending delete”. It only reaches this point if it isn’t picked up at an expired domain auction. If a domain is currently in pending delete status, that means it’s very near to being dropped from the main registry. Hence “dropping”

The drop can be an excellent source of cheap domains. When it comes to grabbing them, you’ve got a couple of options. You can wait for the domain to be dropped (deleted) and attempt to hand register it. Or – if you think there’ll be some competition for the domain, which is likely if it’s even remotely valuable – you can enlist the help of a backorder service such as DropCatch. It’s pretty much the only way to stay competitive for the best names.

The cost of a backorder ranges from $10.00 to $99.00 depending on which service you use. See below for a list of the most popular (and effective) ones.


A regular backorder costs $59.00. A discount backorder costs between $10.00 and $58.00. When it comes to discount backorders, you decide on the price. If you only want to risk $20.00, bid $20.00, etc. Pretty cool.


NameJet charges $79.00 per backorder. If DropCatch fails to grab it, NameJet probably will. If you really want a name, you’re better off backordering at both.


Dynadot typically won’t be able to compete with DropCatch or NameJet, however, some prefer to use them for lower tier domains. They’d rather pay $24.99 at Dynadot than go with a discount backorder at DropCatch and potentially lose out to a partner backorder. Some think it’s possible DropCatch or their partners might be able to cherry pick domains (pure speculation of course).


Park.io specialize in country code domains (ccTLDs) such as .co and .io. They charge $99.00 per backorder.