Hand registration.. The cheapest method!

Hand registration

This is the cheapest way to buy a domain. It’ll cost you $17.99 per year at GoDaddy, to hand register a .com. Or you can join the discount domain club and cut that cost down to $8.25/year. GoDaddy is probably the most popular registrar. But there are other options out there, such as Namecheap. They charge $8.88 for your first year (for a .com), and offer free Whois privacy, which is a nice bonus.

Some go with GoDaddy, over cheaper registrars, because of GoDaddy auctions. It’s just more convenient if you’re a domain seller. Less hassle to list domains, and fast transfer when something sells. Also, if you plan on using their web hosting solutions, it makes sense to have your domain registered with them. It just makes setup easier. But we’re getting slightly off topic here..

Back to hand registration. That means, simply, to grab a domain for the cost of registration. The catch is, most of the best names are already registered. Especially the premium ones. Don’t let that discourage you from trying though. You might get lucky!

You could also try less saturated extensions, there are lots of new ones out there. We just prefer dot com but that’s a personal preference thing.

Also, there’s a twist that can be applied to the hand registration method.. A way to increase your chances of scoring a quality name for cheap. But we’ll discuss that in a future post.

So that’s our basic intro to hand registering domains.

Good luck on your domain search & don’t forget to bookmark us!